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Life, family, communication, development

For both: sex, love, commitment, marriage, wedding. (17)

For men: flirtation, seduction, pick-up, appearance. (24)

For women: beauty, style, fashion, seduction. (4)

Miscellaneous useful topics; law, safety. (1)

Popular psychology, understanding yourself and people around you. (38)

Development of intellect, memory, creative thinking. (1)

Healthy food, diets, weight loss/slimming. (8)

Heath, diseases and their treatment; traditional and non-traditional therapy. (1)

Hobbies and interests: manuals and references

Cars: driving, rules, law, maintenance. (1)

Alcohol: production, recepies, coktails. (2)

Cooking, recepies, foodstuff. (7)

Cottage, garden, agriculture, breeding. (1)

Board games: chess, checkers, go, backgammon. (1)

Computer for home user. (1)

Books for musicians: teach-yourself books, play techniques, recording. (4)

Books for artists, designers, illustrators. (18)

Photography, video filming. (4)

Needlework, knitting, sewing, embroidery. (1)

Hobbies, crafts, do-it-yourself. (4)

Tourism, guide-books. (2)

Fishing. (1)

Guns and cold steel, knives. (3)

Sports (except martial arts), bodybuilding. (7)

Martial arts (western and oriental), self-defence. (17)

Fencing. (6)

Yoga, meditation. (4)

Foreign languages study, interpretation. (40)

Popular scientific & educational books

Nuclear energy, nuclear weaponr, Tschernobyl. (6)

Space, universe, astronomy, astronautics. (28)

Cognition, science: history and modern theories. (39)

Earth, nature, flora, fauna. (6)

Human, intelligence, evolution, origin of species. (15)

Technology; man-made world. (12)

Fun math and physics problems, puzzles, experiments. (13)

Other popular science books. (23)

Languages, etymology, toponimics. (1)

Popular nonfiction books

Music, musicians, genres; books written by musicians. (21)

Cinema and theatre: movies, plays, actors, directors. (32)

Fine arts, painting, sculpture. (5)

Literature: criticism, writers' biografies. (37)

Science fiction and fantasy: criticism. (18)

Sports, famous athletes, famous teams. (4)

Crime and prosecution, notorious criminals. (4)

Modern politics. (29)

Global economical crisis, anticapitalism, conspiracy. (39)

Informational wars, mind control, hackers, copyright. (30)

Other popular nonfiction books. (7)

Professional literature and textbooks

Logics. (2)

Mathematics. (11)

Physics, technics. (14)

Chemistry, pyrotechnics, explosives. (7)

Radiotechnics, electronics. (2)

Industry, production, mechanical engineering. (1)

Programming, hardware, software, IT management. (190)

Design, architecture, CAD, ergonomics. (2)

Psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy. (22)

Psychiatry, medical psychology, narcology. (2)

Hypnos, neuro-linguistic proggramming. (8)

Sociology, anthropology. (9)

Culturology (3)

Linguistics, phylology. (2)

Biology, botany, zoology, evolution, ecology. (8)

Medicine. (6)

Phylosophy. (3)

Jurisprudence, law, criminalistics. (1)

Journalism, PR; mastery of wrining. (3)

Stage and movie direction, filming, montage, acting. (1)

Military science, military training. (4)

Business and economy books

Personal career, business qualities, leadership, success, wealth. (16)

Time-management. (3)

Stock market, stock exchange, investitions, forex. (77)

Economics and finance: classics and modern theories; crisis. (124)

Business in general; law, sectors, security. (9)

Management, administration, strategies. (10)

Marketing, sales, advertising, bradring, PR, MLM. (1)

Internet for business, business on the internet. (1)

Stories of success: people, companies. brands. (15)

Esoterics, occultism, unconventional teachings

Esoterics, channeling, teosophy. (2)

Carlos Castaneda, tolteks. (2)

UFO, paranormal activity, extrasensory, cryptohistory. (17)

Occultism, magic, witchcraft, taro, runes, secret societies. (93)

Religion and religious studies

Christianity, orthodoxy. (12)

Islam. (3)

Buddhism, zen. (20)

Hinduism. (2)

Taoism. (1)

Other religions, religious studies, atheism. (34)

Satanism. (59)

Ancient literature, mythology, epos

Greek literature. (17)

European literature. (4)

Mythology, epos, legends and tales. (25)

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